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The Learning Wall

No more tears with Maths!

You are two steps away from a wonderful way of helping your children with their Maths.

Most of the time, when children struggle with Maths, it is because there are gaps in their learning. Somewhere along their Maths journey something wasn't properly understood.

And because everything in Maths builds on everything else, if you have gaps at the early levels and try to learn more things, you just get more and more confused. It becomes a case of just muddling through, learning rules and processes and not really understanding what is going on.

No wonder so many of us said we hated Maths at school!

The solution to this is the Maths Investigations Learning Wall, a simple visual guide to exactly where your child's gaps are and what you need to do together to fill them.

You child starts by taking a series of diagnostic tests that flag up the skills that are not yet secure. Then you are led to an engaging programme of practical and tablet-based activities which you can work on together.

To guide you on your way are the Wise Owls, each responsible for a different level of the wall.

As you go, to help you as a parent, there are detailed explanations of the different activities and the skills they are designed to teach.

This will be an adventure you embark on together. There will be lots of talking and thinking and investigating, and you will get a real insight into your children's learning as they practise explaining to you how everything works.

Ready to go?

Step1: Sign up for a family subscription.

Step 2: Set up logins for each of your children. (easy once you are signed up...)

Have fun!

Rob Porteous

PS If you want help at any point, I am just an email away and always happy to assist.


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