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Welcome to hours of mathematical enjoyment!

(Ages 5-8): Tap Say Turn - Number Bonds (£1.50)

Play this simple game to develop rapid recall of the story of ten (6+4=10 etc), the doubles (7+7=14 etc) and the teens facts (10+3=13 etc). Play it in class, with pupils all working individually, and then do it as a homework activity.

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(Ages 5-8): Find the Treasure (£0.60)

Get to grips with missing number problems like 7+?=15 using these engaging games on a floor number track.

Teach the games to the class and then leave the track in place while the children do their written work so they can pop out and check things!

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(Ages 5-8): Counting Stick - Numbers to 100 (£0.50)

A lively, whole-class game to help memorise the position of the tens numbers between 0 and 100.

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(Ages 5-8): Wake Up Chum (£1.00)

A hilarious activity which helps consolidate the concept of place value. Practise counting up and down in 1s, 2s and 10s with the help of the caterpillar and the frog.

Particularly helpful for learning to count correctly 'over the hundred'. (eg 280, 290, 300, 310, 320)

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(Ages 6-9): Good Morning Mr Shopkeeper (£0.30)

Good Morning, Mr Shopkeeper, I would like a pencil. That wil be 6 pence!

A simple game to help build up the concept of change from 10p or from £1.

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(Ages 6-9): Tap Say Turn - Change from £1 (£1.00)

Get to grips with money with this versatile game designed to develop rapid recall of number pairs to 100
(10 + 90, 20 + 80 and then 25 + 75, 35 + 65 etc.) Secure knowledge of these facts makes finding change from £1 a whole lot easier.

Children loved being able to 'cheat'. Differentiation within the game enabled everyone to take part - a very noisy and productive time. Children learning without realising it!
Year 1 Teacher, Woodnewton School

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(Ages 6-9): Back to Back Metre Sticks (£0.40)

Ever heard of learning money with metre sticks!?

This elegant but simple activity will help develop recall of the number pairs that add to make 100 and so help with finding change from £1.

A straightforward, clear representation. Children were intrigued about using a metre stick to learn about money! Most of the children in the class were able to calculate change in 10ps in the first lesson!
Year 1 Teacher, Woodnewton School

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(Ages 6-9): Two Hands One Piano (£0.30)

Metre sticks are brilliant for Maths!

Use this practical 'show me' activity to consolidate the positions of the numbers between 0 and 100. Builds the skill of locating 68, for example, by recognising that it is two spaces before 70.

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(Ages 6-9): Metre Stick Jumps (£0.70)

This series of practical activities with metre sticks is excellent for developing children's thinking in adding and subtracting multiples of ten from any two digit number.

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(Ages 7-10): Sums and Differences (£0.50)

Small numbers are not always easy!

This pair game will provide challenge and develop problem solving skills while you are consolidating addition and subtraction facts within 20.

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(Ages 7-10): The Number Triangle Game (£0.60)

When children first learn to add and subtract, they will be encouraged to use their fingers to help them. This is a good strategy for small numbers.

Once they have understood the concepts, they then need to memorise key addition and subtraction facts. This is faster and more accurate than counting.

The number triangle game is a really powerful way of helping your child to become fluent with the number facts. It should be played daily until the facts are mastered.

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