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Photocopiable Games

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Welcome to hours of mathematical enjoyment!

(Ages 6-9): The Counting Caterpillar (£1.50)

Use this cheerful chappie to help memorise the 'stations' of each table. Learn the rules together with the whole class and then work on your own in school or at home, at your own level. Perfect differentiation!

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(Ages 6-9): The Counting Stick (£0.50)

Have fun as a whole class developing awareness of where the stations of each table sit in relation to each other. Start by walking, then take flying lessons and finally go 'Night Time' to learn to estimate.

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(Ages 6-9): Thigh, Clap, Snap, Snap (£0.30)

Get clapping and rapping to commit the tables facts (2x1=2, 2x2=4, 2x3=6 etc) to memory.

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(Ages 6-9): Tap, Say, Turn (£1.50)

Get excited by how quickly you can use this nifty game to memorise your tables facts and recall them in any order. Learn the rules together with the class and then work individually at your own level. It really works!

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(Ages 6-9): Upstairs Downstairs (£0.70)

Get things moving with this lively game which uses the space around the body to develop skills in doubling.

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