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Setting Things Up

Welcome to the online materials. Although you are only signed up for a basic subscription we have set you up with five individual accounts so that you can have a play with the online materials and see how they work. Here is what to do to get started.

Set up your CLASSES AND GROUPS (Optional)

If you want to set your own activities for your children, you will need to put them in a group or groups. (You can skip this step if you are happy just to use the owls.)
What are the owls?

You can set up as many groups as you like. Children can be in more than one group at a time.

The simplest thing to begin with is to set up one group for each class, but you could, if you wish, come back later and add separate groups within a class, or different groups for classes and for Maths sets.

Allocate yourself to CLASSES AND GROUPS (Optional)

Follow this link and click on the appropriate blue triangle to Edit your login and add yourself to CLASSES AND GROUPS. (You will need to do this if you want to set activities for your children.) Again, you can skip this step if you are just using the owls.

You can also add additional teacher logins here. Each teacher who is going to use the online activities with children will need their own login and will then need to be added to the appropriate classes or groups.

Set up logins for your children (ESSENTIAL!)

Each of your children will need their own login. This will allow them to collect their own points, medals, characters, owls, eggs and houses. This is where all the fun is in Maths Investigations!

If you have only a few children using the materials you can set up their logins here. If you have a lot, you may wish to get them to set up their own.
See main teacher guide.

Watch the help videos (Highly Recommended!)

These short videos will give you a quick overview of how everything works. Take a few moments to browse before you begin. Your children can also get to them from the main page if they have any questions.

  Maths Investigations - Challenging You to Think about Maths