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How much snow would fill the classroom?


If you come into the classroom carrying a jug of snow you are sure to have the children's attention!

This is a fabulous investigation! There is SO much Maths you can get out of it.

The children are really motivated by the idea of filling the room with snow and fascinated to discover what a million looks like when you build a metre cube with metre sticks.

There is lots of whole-class discussion, lots of practical measuring, and lots of opportunity for you to circulate and observe the pupils working in teams.

In the course of this investigation you will cover the differences between distance, area and volume, metric measurements for volume and capacity, averages, rounding of calculator answers...

I did this one with my class in March!! Here's the account of it.

Blog link

Ages 10-12    Printable materials (pdf) - 5 pages of teacher's notes and 5 pupil sheets.

Price:  £1.00


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