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Success with Fractions - Part 1


A child's learning is a partnership between school and home: between parent, teacher and child.

So this guide is written for both teachers and parents.

The activities are both practical and tablet-based. All have been thoroughly tested in the classroom, and all can be used effectively both in school and at home.

Many children have difficulty with fractions. The reasons may be complex. But there are several straightforward strategies that you can use to help your children learn more effectively. The most important are
- Work step by step
- Use practical equipment
- Think and talk about learning
- Regularly reinforce what you have learned

This guide will show you how to use all four. Read it carefully!

Ages 5-10    Printable materials (pdf) - 31 pages of notes for parents or teachers, 4 photocopymasters

Price:  £3.50


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