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Info for Parents


The greatest benefits will come from the online Maths Investigations activities when the children use them at home as well as in school. You may wish simply to let parents know how to access the site and let the children's enthusiasm drive their use. Or you may wish to set homework tasks.

To ensure that parents are on side, the following .pdf guides can be printed out and sent home with pupils for reference.

You may also wish to refer parents to the online parent guide, accessible from the menu at the top of the web site home page.


Getting Maths Investigations at Home

Covers how to find the web site and how to 'get the App' for an iPad or other tablet. (Print and back to back copy onto one side of A4.)


Guide to the Wise Owls

A comprehensive guide for parents on the practical activities they can do at home to help their children's learning. Teachers may also find this helpful too!


Maths Investigations: Guide for Parents

A quick summary of all the key features so that parents understand how the activities work. (Print and back to back copy onto one side of A4.)


Tips for Helping with Maths at Home

A general guide emphasising the importance of being positive and encouraging with Maths and doing little and often.


Investigations: Helping at Home

A guide to how to work through an online investigation set for homework.


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