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Welcome to Maths Investigations...

...the beginning of an adventure in helping your child(ren) to understand how Maths works!

Whether you loved Maths or loathed it yourself at school, Maths Investigations will help you discover it again with your children in a new way.

Learning Maths is much more than learning to do sums. What your children need if they are to do well in Maths, is a practical experience of number and an understanding of how number facts link together.

Maths Investigations will do both, in a way that is fun and engaging. Spend a little time on the activities together with them several times a week and you will be amazed at the progress they (and you!) will make.

Maths Investigations has both tablet activities and printable ones. The middle part of the menu on the right refers to the tablet (online) activities. If you want to find out about the printable ones, see the sections at the bottom.



"Clarissa has taken to Maths Investigations extremely well. She has collected the Sticky Owl and put in a lot of extra hard work and time at home. Maths investigations seems to appeal to her as you get baby animals and owls to collect - this means she is doing much more than 15 mins three times a week as she is enjoying collecting the animals (she is choosing to do more maths herself). She was so excited to collect Sticky owl! I can see she is improving and will keep this programme going at home. " Year 4 Parent, George Watson's College