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Pupil Logins


If you have a teacher account and your class has been created, or if you are logged in as an administrator, you can set up individual pupil logins.

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Setting up Pupil Logins Centrally

If you only have a small number of pupils to set up accounts for, you may wish to do this yourself. In Groups & Users, click on 'Pupil Lists' and follow the instructions to create pupils, allocate them to classes or delete them again as you wish.



Getting Pupils to Set up Their Own Logins

If you have a lot of pupil logins to create, you may wish to get the older pupils to set up their logins themselves. This can be done with a whole class together, with you demonstrating on the interactive board.

Direct pupils to the login page and ask them to enter the their preferred username and password AND the guest (golden key) code. (If your pupils have individual usernames and passwords for another online resource you may suggest that they use the same username and password for Maths Investigations.)

When they click on 'Enter' they will then be asked for their first name, first letter of surname and class or group. They should enter their details carefully, making sure that they select the correct year group and class from the dropdown menus and then click on 'Enter'.

For subsequent logins, the pupils do not need to enter the guest code, just their username and password.

PS If the pupils make a mistake when setting up their account, don't worry. You can easily edit out any mistakes subsequently by going back into the Pupil List.

Editing Class Lists