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Self-differentiating, Self-marking Homework


Ever wished you could have a magic homework sheet that would give each pupil just the right amount of challenge, give instant feedback and mark itself? Well here it is!

The self-marking, self-differentiating homework sheets allow you to select a particular skill, and then set homework where pupils have to make up and answer 10 or 20 questions of their own. So you can give the same sheet to everyone and they can all adjust their questions perfectly to a level that suits them.

When they have completed each question, they mark it using the appropriate online Skill Check and then adjust the difficulty of the next question accordingly.

The children are trained to mark their answers as they go along, so when the work comes back, you will have a sheet of ready-marked questions and answers, showing exactly how secure and ambitious each pupil is. This gives you really useful evidence of what each pupil can do independently.

Parents and children love this approach, - no more complaints about homework not being sufficiently challenging!

Steps to Getting Started

Read the self-differentiating homework teacher's guide for more detail on how the homework sheets work.

Teach your pupils how to use the online Skill Checks.

Then choose one of these pupil sheets for the topic you want to consolidate.

If the topic you want is not listed, you can hand edit your own sheet using one of the generic templates. Before you photocopy, simply find an appropriate activity on the learning ladder, fill in the blank spaces on the sheet (title and route to the activity) and write an example(s) of the type(s) of question/layout you would like the children to use the 'ready-made' ones above will give you the idea.

Then sit back, relax and let your homework mark itself!


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