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Maths Investigations
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Number Chains and Digit Wheels
  Make beautiful patterns with this wide-ranging investigation into the digit patterns that you get when you repeatedly add or subtract a single digit to or from a larger number.

Links well both to activities for consolidating adding or subtracting a single digit to or from a 2-digit number, and to activities to support learning the 'stations' of the multiplication tables.

Ages 5 - 8
6 pages of teacher's notes and three pupil copymasters. (pdf)
 GBP £0.60
  Investigate the populations of towns or countries and learn how to work out how many more people live in one town than another and how many times bigger one town is compared with another. Consolidates skills in reading, rounding, subtracting and dividing large numbers and choosing an appropriate scale for a bar chart.
Ages 8 - 12
9 pages of teachers' notes and 10 pupil copymasters. (pdf)
 GBP £1.90
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