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Teacher Logins


Depending on the kind of subscription you have registered for, you may need to set up additional logins.

If you have a single teacher subscription, you can use your single login for both admin and teaching purposes, so no need to read further!

If you have registered for the whole school, you should appoint one of your admin team as administrator. The login details you received when you registered can then be used by the administrator to set up other teacher and pupil accounts.


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If you prefer reading...

If you are logged on with an admin account, you can set up additional teacher logins as follows.

Go to Groups & Users.

Click on 'Teacher Lists' and on 'Set up New Teacher Login'. Follow the instructions to create the teacher logins that you need. (You can return here to set up more at any time.)


Allocating Teachers to Classes and Groups

To change the class or group that a teacher is allocated to, or to allocate a teacher to an additional class or group, click on the blue triangle button next to the teacher's name in the 'Edit Teacher' column.

Pupil Logins

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