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Getting Started with Pupils


The best way to get to know the online activities is to play with them! Your pupils will show you how to do this! However, a few tips as to what to do in your first lessons will probably be welcome.

What to do in your first lesson is fully explained in the section called, unsurprisingly, Your First Lesson.

Following this, you will find below a mixture of links to blog articles, pdf guides for you (which you can print out and have to hand during the first few lessons), and copymasters for pupil reference.

Getting to know the Online Activities

The following pdf guides take you step by step through what to do over the first couple of weeks once you have got logins set up for your pupils (see Pupil Logins) and have given them their first lesson.

Teacher Tips for Success: Week 1

Teacher Tips for Success: Week 2

Teacher Tips for Success: Week 3

Posters and Help Videos

The help videos are for pupils, teachers and parents and explain in simple bite-sized chunks everything you need to know about how the online activities work. There is also a set of 10 A4 posters which you can print and display on the classroom wall.

Posters: How Maths Investigations Works

Help Videos

General Guidance for Pupils

Feeling Like a Mathematician

Thinking Like a Mathematician

Working Like a Mathematician


Info for Parents