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What you Need


For young children to really understand Maths at the early stages, they need practical experience of number. Depending on the age of your child(ren), you may need some equipment!

Most of what you need will already be in the home, or can be made easily. If you are keen (and want everything to be exactly right!) you may wish to order a few things from educational catalogues; but this is not necessary.

Here's what would be useful:
- A tablet (iPad or similar) [a laptop will also do, but a tablet is easier to use]
- A wifi connection (the tablet activities only work when you are online)
- A printer (if you want to print any of the paper activities)
- For younger children: some counters. Be creative - the kitchen will provide lots of possible objects to count. Coloured pasta shells are particularly good!

- For children of all ages: two metre sticks - your hardware store should be able to cut a strip of wood into two 1m lengths - use a tape measure to mark where the 10cm (and 5cm) divisions are and write them on, then mark divisions (but not the numbers) for the in-between numbers. If you prefer, you can order ready-made ones from the Ruler Company (http://www.rulerco.co.uk/index.php?doc=13&vid=60).

- If you are really enthusiastic, and have younger children, base ten rods and unit cubes would also be useful (any colour). You can get these from educational suppliers. As an alternative to these, you can make your own tens and unit sticks. Standard lolly sticks are 11.5cm long and 1cm wide so they can be cut to create 10cm sticks and 1cm sticks!
- A little time each week to work with your child
- Enthusiasm and patience!

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