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Welcome to hours of mathematical enjoyment!

(Ages 6-9): The Clock Rap (£0.60)

Make time fun with this highly popular game to help understand that times follow one another in sequence.

Very good starter activity to get the children used to counting using actions. Extended hours to half hours as children became confident. Helped the children understand that time doesn't stop at 12.00 but is continuous. All children loved the chant/rap element.
Year 2 Teacher, Woodnewton School

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(Ages 6-9): Past or To? (£0.60)

A simple game which REALLLY helps children who are struggling to learn to tell the time. 5 minutes a day should make a real impact if you follow the rules carefully!

Children enjoyed working in pairs to pitch questions at each other.
Year 2 Teacher, Woodnewton School

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