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Maths Investigations - Learning is Awesome!

Encourage your children to investigate and to take time to think & talk about Maths, and they will come to understand it.
Make it fun, and they will love it! This web site does both!

There are three main types of activity. The Wise Owl Maths activities are designed to be used on a tablet with wi-fi. Your children will be encouraged to use practical equipment, to look for patterns and explore relationships between numbers & concepts, and to use appropriate language & notation to explain their thinking to each other and to you. These activities are highly engaging and will have your children clamouring for more!

To complement the tablet activities, there are some printable games for you to print and use away from the computer. Some of these help with memorising number bonds and multiplication tables. There are also a couple of games for learning to tell the time.

The open-ended photocopiable investigations are designed to get children thinking and asking questions about why things work the way they do.

Further support materials for teachers and parents can be found in the printable guides.

Wise Owl Maths

Tablet & Practical Core Numeracy

Printable Games

Number bonds, tables facts, time, measure.

Photocopiable Investigations

Challenging and open ended

Printable Guides

More help & advice for parents & teachers.

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Maths Investigations - Challenging Children to Think about Maths