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All in pdf form so can be printed out if you need them.
Supplement the online teacher and parent guides.

(Ages 4-13): Step 0, A Quick Guide to Wise Owl Maths (FREE!)

The definitive guide to understanding how the Learning Wall and Wise Owls work. Will get you started in 7 minutes! A MUST READ! For children, teachers and parents.

(Ages 5-9): Step 0, Tips for Helping with Maths at Home (FREE!)

A handy 1-page guide for parents on how to get the best from children when doing Maths at home: be positive, revise frequently, take things at a steady pace and take regular breaks!

(Ages 5-10): Step 2, Success with Fractions - Part 1 (£3.50)

A clear step-by-step guide for parents and teachers on how to help children to learn about fractions. Packed with practical ideas. Part 1 covers the first four years of formal schooling.

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(Ages 5-13): Step 0, Cedric (FREE!)


Introduce Cedric to your children to help them become comfortable with making mistakes. Mistakes are a normal part of learning and are an opportunity to learn. They should be celebrated!

Print out the poster and display it in your classroom. Refer to it daily!

(Ages 6-8): Step 0, Teacher Tips for Success (FREE!)

A handy 6-page guide for teachers showing how to introduce the online Maths Investigations activities to a class over three weeks.

(Ages 6-9): Step 0, Maths Investigations Skills Progressions (FREE!)

A comprehensive, step-by-step, 54-page guide to teaching and reinforcing key skills in number, with the support of the online Maths Investigations 'Owl' activities.

(Ages 6-11): Step 2, Guide to the Wise Owls (FREE!)

A step-by-step path through the online activities in Maths Investigations that children can work through on their own in school or at home. Completing and regularly revising these activities will help to ensure that your children are really secure in their core number skills.

(Ages 6-12): Step 0, Getting Maths Investigations at Home (FREE!)

A two-page guide for parents (and teachers) on how to find the web site and 'get the app' (ie set up the web shortcut) for Maths Investigations on a tablet. This then gives a one-click access for children to the online activities.

(Ages 6-12): Step 0, Maths Investigations Guide for Parents (FREE!)

A brief two-page guide which teachers can give to parents of children in their class to explain the Maths Investigations online activities.

(Ages 6-12): Step 0, Investigations: Helping at Home (FREE!)

A one-page guide which teachers can send home to parents when the children first have an online investigation set as homework.

(Ages 6-12): Step 0, Posters: How Maths Investigations Works (FREE!)

A series of ten A4 posters which teachers can print, laminate and display around the classroom to enthuse pupils.

(Ages 6-12): Step 0, Posters: Thinking, Feeling, Working like a Mathematician (FREE!)

A set of three A4 posters for display in the classroom, highlighting key attitudes to Maths.

(Ages 8-13): Step 0, 333 (FREE!)

A simple way to train your class to work both collaboratively and independently without your help, freeing you up to work with small groups. You also get all your jotters handed in ready marked and corrected before you look at them! Brilliant!

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