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Chopping up a Metre Stick    This month's FREE KS3 activity!


Metre sticks are fabulous things. You can do SO much Maths with them. This investigation gets the children to think about chopping one up into bits!

Chopping it into 2 bits or 4 bits (or 5) is quite straightforward. But what happens when you try to chop it into 3 bits, or 7 bits?

There’s loads here to investigate – estimating using trial and improvement, the link between multiplication and division and fractions, dealing with remainders, decimals. Set them onto this one and you will keep them happy for hours!

Ages 8-12    Printable materials (pdf) - 3 pages of teachers' notes and 16 pupil copymasters.

This was particularly challenging and the children enjoyed the open ended investigations.
Year 5 Co-ordinator, Woodnewton School


Teacher's Notes and Pupil Materials

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