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Maths Investigations
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The Egyptian Triangle
  Discover the special triangle that the Egyptians used in their buildings, while learning about how simple decimals work, the importance of accurate measuring and how to work systematically to solve a problem.
Ages 7 - 9
3 pages of teachers' notes and 1 pupil copymaster. (pdf)
 GBP £0.60
The Great 2D Shape Investigation
  An umbrella investigation stimulating a wide variety of explorations into 2-D shapes. Depending on the lines of enquiry that develop, you can then use material from related investigations such as Properties of quadrilaterals, Constructing polygons, Angles in Polygons etc.
Ages 9 - 13
2 pages of teachers notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)
 GBP £0.90
Train Journey
  Investigate how to use train timetables, calculate journey times, interpret maps, measure distances, use averages and work with scale.

Create an information booklet about a forthcoming train journey.

Ages 10 - 14
4 pages of teachers' notes and 14 pupil copymasters. (pdf)
 GBP £1.80
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