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Owls, Investigations, Quizzes & Tournaments: How to Help at Home

A quick overview of Maths Investigations for parents: how to use the owls, investigations, quizzes and tournaments to help your children learn and monitor their progress.


Guide to the Wise Owls

Detailed uggestions for practical activities that you can do at home or in school to support early learning in Maths. Completing and regularly revising these activities will help to ensure that your children are really secure with their core number skills.


Success with Fractions - Part 1

A clear step-by-step guide for parents and teachers on how to help children to learn about fractions. Packed with practical ideas. Part 1 covers the first four years of formal schooling.


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Online Guides - with Video Clips


Parent Guide        See All

 INTRODUCTION - logins, getting the app, what you need.

 THE ONLINE ACTIVITIES - a full description of each of the different features.(LOGIN REQUIRED)

 TIPS FOR MATHS AT HOME - how to get the best from your children.

 PRINTABLE ACTIVITIES - guidance on helping children learn addition & subtraction and multiplication tables.


Help Videos for Children         See All

 GETTING STARTED - how you find the web site, how you get the app, what you can do etc.

 INVESTIGATIONS - how to work through an investigation, how to traffic light things, how to get points etc.

 QUIZZES, STARS, CHARACTERS, MEDALS, OWLS, HOUSES - how the quizzes work, how to collect stars, how to collect, name & swap characters, how to collect medals, how the owls work, how to collect houses.

 TOURNAMENTS, EGGS, SHARING LIKES - how the tournaments work and how you collect eggs, how you share pages and follow other people, how to leave your comments and vote.

Maths Investigations - Challenging Children to Think about Maths